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The Human Resource Development (HRD) program offers a course of study leading to an undergraduate degree or a minor in Human Resource Development, to prepare professionals who will be responsible for the training, education, and development of adults, in settings such as business, industry, health care, social service, and government. Students in the program are provided opportunities to develop the knowledge and competencies necessary to meet the increasing needs that organizations have for HRD professionals. Competencies identified by professional organizations have been carefully considered in the development of specific objectives for the course work in the program. 




Upon completion of the major, students will demonstrate:

1) knowledge of different organizational settings in which teaching and learning occur;

2) knowledge of the training as well as educational and development needs of organizations;

3) skills in task analysis, program planning, and program design that are in keeping with organizational needs;

4) ability to apply principles of learning and motivation as a basis for decisions regarding instructional programs for adults;

5) sensitivity to the psychological and cultural needs of training and educational planning for diverse populations; and

6) competency in the use of methods and technology appropriate for the instructional/learning needs of organizations.

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